Decolonising STEAM In Secondary Schools With Lara Lalemi

Join Sheffield Anti-Racist Education on June 20th 2023, from 4pm to 4:30pm for an in-conversation event with Lara Lalemi, CEO of Creative Tuition LTD.

Lara will share about her work in increasing accessibility and opportunities for young people from all backgrounds within STE(Arts)M. Lara will speak on how the scientific community can begin to address the inequalities within it and how we decolonize STEAM in our spaces.

About Lara Lalemi

Lara is a London-born researcher at the University of Bristol with a passion for bringing new, innovative and progressive practices to more than just one of her environments. Drawn to the world of environmental research and climate change, Lara upon receiving a first-class MSci in her undergraduate degree took to completing a Doctorate in Chemistry. The turning point towards this was after becoming the Chemistry society president and gaining the confidence in research through a supportive research group. Now in her third year of studying Aerosol Science she is finally able to understand why the sky is blue (found by Sir. C.V. Raman), how clouds form and affect the Earth’s radiative balance. From school to the PhD laboratory, learning more about the world around her through the science, has inspired Lara to share that knowledge.

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