Interpersonal Activities and Racial Inclusion. Thursday 12 November 4 pm

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with the Loving Classroom and Family Voice

Kate West and Gemma Perkins will be focusing on some activities that can be done in classrooms and some with parents.

Gemma studied psychology and then a PGCE in primary education. After teaching, Gemma decided to set up her own business, The Self Leadership Initiative, which provides soft skills training to students, education providers, charities and corporate clients. She believes in learning through play – regardless of age! – and that developing a foundation of emotional intelligence and inner leadership is essential for a happy and healthy society.

Kate studied social psychology then trained as a 16+ teacher. For many years she worked in Special Needs in different settings but about 9 years ago moved into community work. She now runs her own charitable organisation with 2 other women, supporting local families, running accessible classes for women and working with local schools. She believes that what Family Voice does best is adapt to changing needs by listening, building understanding and relationships with many local mums who might not otherwise feel like talking or going out.

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