Anti-racism, the responsibility of all in teaching and education. Wednesday 4 Nov 6.30pm

with Sarah Ahmed; Kathryn Bennett; Vik Chechi-Ribeiro; Rob Cotterell; Fiona Leonard; Donald Mclean; Chris Winter

Whilst claims abound that society is post-‘race’ and that ‘race’ is no longer important, racialised inequalities, injustices, and violence increase globally.

Members of this teacher education group believe that educators have a crucial role in tackling systemic racism.

The aim of this session is to keep the anti-racist conversation and action alive and kicking by introducing issues that face us in our work as educators and presenting an anti-racist framework with examples of its successful application in schools.

We’d like this to be a participatory session, so please bring along your thoughts about anti-racist approaches in education – what you’ve tried, what’s been successful, what you’d like to try, and what the obstacles might be.

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