The Next steps for SHARE

We hope you have a great holiday break and enjoy a Happy New Year.

A Message from Sheffield Anti-Racist Education SHARE:


Dear friend

  • Our next volunteers’ group meeting is on Saturday 23 January at 11 am. The meeting is an opportunity for supporters of SHARE who wish to help plan more activities and contribute to the improvement of our profile on social media.
  • The next SHARE forum is on Saturday 6 February at 11 am. 

Following our successful SHARE conference, last month, the volunteers’ group recently met to discuss the comments and suggestions from conference attendees. A big thank you to Kathryn Bennett and Rob Unwin for collecting and collating the responses.

In the meantime, there are a number of ways to help SHARE before our next meeting:

  • The working groups are continuing to meet. Please email if you would like to join a working group or form a new one. To date, we have groups for Teacher Ed; Geography; History; English; Primary and Inclusion.
  • Social media: Please email SHARE if you would like to join the team. Additionally, please email SHARE if you have links, articles, or resources you would like us to post on social media.
  • Future events: Do let us know if you have ideas for anti-racist education speakers or topics.

Over the next few weeks on our SHARE social media, we will be posting videos of speakers from the conference and comments from participants.

Please help spread the word about SHARE with friends and colleagues, as well as encouraging them to email with a request to be added to our email list.

We hope you have a great holiday break and enjoy a Happy New Year.
Best wishes
Kate, Sahail and Paul

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